The Enhancement Network
For Caring, Committed & Competent People Workers

The Enhancement Model: The New View Of Being With People

The Enhancement Model is a new frame of reference in working with people. It rejects, as distorted, the medical and psychological models, and rejects as inadequate, the humanistic model. Our frame of reference, our model of the world, ourselves and our role in the world, is the key factor in determining how we relate to and work with other people. From this frame of reference, psychopathology is not viewed as sickness, abnormality, nor unselfactualized. Rather it is seen as ineffectiveness in some or many areas of functioning. The goal is not health, normalcy nor even self-actualization, but rather effectiveness. The basic theorems of the Enhancement Model are:

  1. All People Are Effective;
  2. People Change Best When They Feel Good About Themselves
  3. Therapy Is An Effective Relationship At Work
  4. An Effective Enhancer is a Philosopher/Technician.

The Enhancement Model is a unique frame of reference that is the cutting edge of new views in counseling and psychotherapy. It is not a theory of personality nor psychotherapy; but, rather a viewpoint from which to work and relate to people. It is applicable to counseling and psychotherapy, education, business, and other people skill areas.

The Enhancement Network is the structure which binds those interested in the Enhancement Model together. All members of the Enhancement Network are expected to contribute and be involved. There is no category of Passive Membership. It is expected that members of the Enhancement Network care enough about the people they work with that they are committed to be even more competent than they already are. The Enhancement Network is not an association, with its inherent political bureaucracy, but rather a group of people bound together by a common frame of reference.

The Enhancement Institute was established to provide advanced training and supervision, workshops and educational materials to "people workers" who use the Enhancement Model as their frame of reference for working and relating to people. Year long training and supervision groups are provided in various locations throughout the U.S. Individuals who complete two years of training and meet other requirements are certified in their field of expertise. The Enhancement Institute is the first Institute which specifically provides Institute level post-academic training for counselors. Workshops are provided in a wide array of counseling and people skills topics and are open to all interested persons.

Workshop facilitators are noted for their dynamic presentations and powerful content material. Educational material, including audio and visual tapes, books and pamphlets are available from the Enhancement Institute.

If we view the arena of working with people as a beach, then enhancers cover the whole beach from teaching swimming at one end, to lifeguard at the other--- even including beach volleyball coach and the beach administrator. Within the Enhancement community, the lifeguard does not have more status than the swimming instructor. Status and respect is a function of competency not position.

The Enhancement community is growing rapidly and serves as a psychological home base for those who share the values of caring, commitment and competence.

Further information can be obtained by writing the Enhancement institute, 933 Georgia SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108. The telephone number is 505-256-1522. Come join like-minded professionals.


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