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Fifth Annual Get Together

When: July 16-20, 1997
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Accommodations were at the Monte Carlo Hotel (Click for more hotel information)

The Fifth Annual Get-Together was the best yet! Participants from New York to California gathered together with other ENHANCERS for professional and personal growth, fun and relaxation; and most of all, the camaraderie that only a Get-Together provides!

The program this year will included Dr. Muriel James, Abe Wagner, and Dr. William Krieger, as well as many other excellent presenters.

About Our Special Speakers!!

Dr. Muriel James
Dr. Muriel James is an internationally known psychotherapist and author in private practice in Lafayette, California. Best known for her work in TA, Dr. James is the author and coauthor of 17 books ( including Born to Win! and Passion for Life). She is a past president of the International Transactional Analysis Association, and is a certified TA teacher and supervisor in Clinical, Organizational, and Educational fields. A student of Eric Berne, she more than any other individual has brought the concepts of TA to the world at large.
Dr. James presented at the Third annual Get Together. We were honored to have her again!!!

Abe Wagner
Abe Wagner, an internationally known Transactional Analyst was the featured presenter at the First Annual Get Together! An internationally known Transactional Analyst, Abe is known for his talents in the business world teaching "people skills." His humor and insight charm audiences around the world. Abe is a true example of an "enhancer!"
Mr. Wagner is the author of two books: The Transactional Manager, and Say It Straight or You’ll Show it Crooked!"
We were delighted to have him share his insights with us again!

Dr. William Krieger
Dr. William Krieger is the developer of The Enhancement Model and is an internationally known clinical counselor, psychotherapist, and trainer. In private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he was named National Mental Health Counselor of the Year, and has served as President of the American Mental Health Counselors Association. He is the Director of The Enhancement Institute which trains people workers from a wide variety of professions in The Enhancement Model frame of reference.
We were indeed fortunate to have Dr. Krieger share his ideas and cutting edge concepts about working with people!

To See Pictures of the 1997 Get Together, Click Here !

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