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Fifth Annual Get Together

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Everybody at The Fifth Annual Get-Together had a Terrific time! Participants from New York to California got together with other ENHANCERS for professional and personal growth, fun and relaxation and most of all the camaraderie that only a Get-Together provides.

THE FABULOUS BUS TOUR. The fabulous bus tour included a trip to The Libarace Museum, a lunch cruise on Lake Meade, a visit to the The Debbie Reynolds Museum, as well as, an opportunity to get to know each other.

Dr. William Weikel giving his presentation
Abe Wagner, MSW giving his presentation
Dr. William Krieger, presents Dr. Muriel James Lifetime Membership
Dr. William Krieger, presents Ray Rondeau with the Great Person Award
The Gala Banquet featured wonderful food, and of course our annual awards were given.