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Model Meaning Focus of Treatment Goal
Medical Sick, Illness Remediation of illness. Healthy
Psychological Abnormal Remediation of abnormal behavior & reinforcement of normal behavior Normal
Humanistic Dysfunctional Remediation of cause and working through Self-actualization
Enhancement Model Less Effective Strengthen effective behaviors and parts of the personality More Effective

The Enhancement Network Model Basic Theorems:

  1. All People are effective
    1. Effectiveness is a process, not a goal
    2. People are never pathological—Choices are pathological
    3. Ineffective choices are a function of the Parent Ego
  2. People change best when they feel good about themselves
    1. Anyone who invites people to feel good about themselves is a therapist (or therapeutic)
    2. Therapy works best when it’s fun
    3. Feeling good leads to effectiveness, not happiness (happiness is a byproduct of leading an effective life.
  3. Therapy is an effective relationship at work
    1. A therapeutic relationship is an emotionally involved relationship
    2. Caring is the essential element in a therapeutic relationship
    3. Psychopathology is always a relationship issue
  4. An effective enhancer is a Philosopher/Technician
    1. An effective enhancer acquires the tools (techniques) consistent with their values and beliefs (philosophy)
    2. An effective enhancer seeks answers to questions as:
      1. What is the meaning of life?
      2. Who Am I?
    3. An effective Enhancer is engaged in a continuing process

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